The Worldwide Shiloh Shepherd Breed Association, LLC (WSSBA)
was established by Dia Vickery and Jan DiAngelo (Burke) in 2013.

The WSSBA is incorporated as a Limited Liability Corporation.

The primary objective of the WSSBA is to provide registration paperwork to
Shiloh Shepherd Breeders and Owners in a timely, efficient, and economical manner.

Both Dia and Jan have been involved with the Shiloh Shepherd Breed since the 1990ís.
Dia was the first Registrar of the International Shiloh Shepherd Dog Club Registry (ISSDCR), which was the initial non-ISSR Shiloh registry.  Jan is a long-time Shiloh Shepherd breeder, who served in a public relations capacity with the Shiloh Shepherd Breed Association Registry (SSBAR).

If you have question about us or the Registry, please don't hesitate to Contact Us.

Dia Vickery & Jan DiAngelo
Worldwide Shiloh Shepherd Breed Association




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